Shata Wale/ Wizkid Unity Is on the Right Direction-KINFAYA & JEVAH

Story By DJ YOGO


Two talented young artist, Kinfaya and Jevah, who are perceived to be the core fan base of Shata Wale in the Ga West Municipality, Amasaman to be precise, have commended their boss in his move to unite with Nigerian musician Wizkid.

To the surprise of many patrons, Nigerian act, Wizkid invited Ghana's Shatta Wale on stage during the former's performance at this year's Ghana Meets Naija.

Not long ago, Shatta Wale stated without equivocation that the Nigerian is overrated and does not deserve a superstar status.

The issue stoked controversy with some wondering why Shatta Wale would make such a statement especially when Wizkid is known worldwide.

Although Wizkid was silent on the matter, he gave Shatta Wale shout out during the launch of the 8th edition of Ghana Meets Naija but that did not serve notice of a possible reunion at the main event.

Midway through his performance, Wizkid paused and invited Shatta Wale on to the stage even though the latter was not billed to perform on the night.

Shocked by the act, the audience screamed, stood on their chairs, pulled out their phones to capture the moment.

Shatta Wale and Wizkid exchanged pleasantries after which Wale performed his hit song 'Gringo' and exited the stage for the 'Starboy' to continue with his performance.

Other acts who performed on the night were Patapaa, Stonebwoy, Fancy Gadam, Ponobiom, Mr. Eazi and Mayorkun.

Over the years, the event ‘has been known as the platform for the biggest artistes in both Ghana and Nigeria to share one stage and thrill music lovers.


At God Appointed Time, Our Talent Will be Unveiled-KINFAYA

Story By DJ YOGO


Ghana ‘s fastest rising underground musician KINFAYA has said that God works in mysterious ways to achieve His purpose in the life of human beings–Remember the Paul of old, who persecuted Christians and still became an Apostle of God?


Have patience. How many times have you uttered this advice to your spouse or children? It’s great advice. Younger worship musicians also learn to have patience through their experiences in playing, and leading, music.

They learn patience by watching the more experienced worship leaders in how they handle themselves. They learn by watching how you react when musicians are late to rehearsal (or church!), when they make mistakes repeatedly, or when something just needs extra attention.


Some may be keen to start leading worship themselves. That’s a judgement call for your existing worship leaders and church to make but we’d suggest they start in a less pressured environment such as home group, youth work – where there are smaller numbers – and learn their worship leading skills there rather in the main service on the week the rest of your experienced team are all off at a conference.


When they do lead in a larger setting, have an experienced worship leader alongside – maybe playing a second acoustic guitar and singing backing vocals. This can give confidence and also provides a back-up should it be needed.

Patience is not a skill that’s inherent for most of us. Developing patience takes watching a good role model. And, well…a lot of patience!


We all mess up. Admit it. Even an experienced worship musician can make mistakes. For example, you have probably miscued a musician, started in the wrong key or played the wrong chord.

Younger worship musicians need to see that it’s ok to make mistakes. We are not at all perfect. The grace with which you recover from your mistakes and move on is the key to success.


When you are able to recover from a mistake, they see that it’s ok to make a mistake and to take responsibility for fixing it and moving on.

Sometimes it is better simply to stop the song and start again. The congregation will be sympathetic and everyone can relax once again.


Your youngest worship musicians live in a world of fast-paced technology, instant likes and shares, the online interactions. Because some younger people are so engaged in socializing online, some experience a bit of shyness in person!

And it can also be quite daunting for a young person to join an established team of older musicians.

Worship musicians benefit from a great support system. You enjoy fellowship with other leaders who can offer you spiritual guidance, families from within the church, and the musicians who you work with every week.

Let younger worship musicians see how much you enjoy the company of the rest of the team. Let them see that having a network of live people in the community – regardless of age – is more powerful than 1,000 virtual friends. And there is a special connection when people are friends over a shared interest such as music – even if they have little else in common.


Let younger worship musicians know that they need to roll with it! What does that mean?

In live performance, things go wrong. Strings break, a team member gets sick at the last minute, a singer trips over a cable, a guitarist has forgotten their capo. You know that anything can happen…and probably has.  Being the experienced worship leader, you know that these things are out of your control. Make the best of them and remember there are more important things to focus on.

Younger worship musicians need to see that the service will go on; and, it will be just fine!. Make adjustments, adapt, and roll with it!

In fact, the congregation may never know there was ever a challenge if you don’t tell them.


This is perhaps the most important thing that you can teach a younger worship musician. In their careers, they will face challenges. They will gain valuable experience that will tell them how to handle anything that’s thrown their way.

Until they gain that discernment, be there for them. Let them know that when in doubt, ask for advice. Whether it’s related to music or interactions within the church family, be open to offering guidance.

You have already taken on a role as a mentor, so express that it’s really ok for them to admit when they need help.

In conclusion, remember that whether you realize it or not, you are a role model. Younger musicians are looking at you. How you handle things will inspire them as they grow as a person and musician. These lessons that you teach them are valuable to their growth.

So whether you wanted to be a role model…or not…guess what? You are! Congratulations on taking on a very important role in mentoring a younger worship musician.



Cpp Youth League Appeals To Party Activists To Desist From Ndc Illegal Protest

The attention of the Convention People's Party Youth League has been drawn to statements by some leading NDC activists calling for all political parties including the CPP to join their protest, scheduled today Friday 29th June 2018, against the lawful removal of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission and her two deputies by the President, acting on the recommendations of a Judicial Committee.


We wish to emphatically state that the national leadership of the party has not endorsed this call. The party has no intention of participating, in any form, any unlawful activity of the NDC. We expect that the NDC will comply with the Public Order Act and act with decency in their conduct and approach to the matter. Party members are therefore called upon to stay away from this activity.



Nabila Alhassan Basiru

 (Ag. National Youth Organiser)



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Ghana's tourist sites needs more attention than Economy - Lily

One of this years MISS TOURISM GHANA contestants have jab political pundits on their focus on Ghanaian economy, instead of tackling the basic ideas that will make the economy strong. Tourist sites in Ghana is at the verge of collapsing if pragmatic mechanism and measures are not put in place.

We celebrate so many holidays in Ghana and I suggest that we add more holidays to market our tourist sites outside our country Ghana, Lily added.

Lets take the Wa Naa chief palace and the Wechaaw game reserve for example, located in the Upper West region, we can make it as a productive venture to attract outsiders to invest more which will boost the economy and make the economy strong.

Concerned Citizens Of UWR Express Worry About Attempts To Collapse Wa UDS

Some concerned citizens of the Upper West Region have expressed worry about the deliberate attempt by the Vice Chancellor and some staff of the University for Development Studies (UDS) to supervise the collapse of the Wa Campus of the university.

They said since the issue of granting the Wa Campus an autonomy gained attention of the executive arm of government since 2012, some authorities of the university had been against making it autonomous.

Addressing a news conference at Wa in the Upper West Region, the Co-Convener of a group, calling itself concerned citizens of the Upper West Region and Sympathizers of UDS Wa campus, Mr. Ishaque Suleman indicated that the central administration of UDS had taken calculated steps to weaken the Wa Campus to deny it the quest to achieve autonomy.

“From 2012 till today, UDS Central Administration has taken steps to weaken the Wa campus, so that, the quest to achieve autonomy will ultimately fail,” He stated.

He lamented that there had been a drastic reduction in the number of students graduating from the Wa campus, from 4612 in 2014 to 2413 in 2017, which represented about 50 per cent.

According to Mr. Suleman, the Principal of the Wa Campus of the university, Professor Amin Alhassan, granted an interview to a local radio station in the region and said the Wa campus of the university had seen a drastic declined in students enrolment over the years due to factors including: “insecurity on campus, lack of infrastructure on the Wa campus, and introduction of six technical universities” among others.

Mr. Suleman noted that as part of the plot by Professor Alhassan and the “grand scheme” titled “Realignment and Rationalization of academic staff” committee to cripple the Wa Campus of the UDS, some critical faculties were been moved out of the Wa campus to other campuses.

Some of these faculties included: Faculty of Arts – Department of Communication Studies and Innovation, Department Journalism and Media Studies, Department of Public Relations and Advertising, and Department of Library and Information Studies among others.

Faculty of Social Sciences – Department of Sociology and Social Work, Department of Geography, Department of Political Science, Department of Economics, and Center for Regional Integration among others.

Mr. Suleman explained that the group would not give up and would explore every available means including peaceful demonstrations to ensure that the plot to collapse the Wa campus of the UDS did not materialize.

“We will not give up the fight but will proceed boldly against the UDS authorities by: organizing demonstrations frequently until they listen, locking up lecture halls and offices in Wa campus, Petitioning the president of the Republic of Ghana for the autonomy of Wa campus with particular reference to Dr. Christene Amoaku-Nuamah’s 10 member committee report, fighting these issues in court,” he added.

Mr. Suleman commended some stakeholders in the region and beyond including the former Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Ambassador Sahanun Moqtari for ensuring that the region gained a campus in 2002, and the Regional House of Chiefs for supporting fight to make the Wa campus autonomous.

Meanwhile, during his visit to the Upper West Region in June this year, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, assured the chiefs and people of the region of his resolve to granting the Wa campus of the UDS autonomy.

He said the Wa campus of the UDS was established by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government under the former President John Agyekum Kuffuor’s administration and added that it would be laudable for the NPP government under his administration to make it.

Story by: Abroni Thomas