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In pictures: Ethiopia's skateboarders 'go legit'

skateboarder pictured mid-flip

But despite the lack of proper facilities, Ethiopia Skate, the collective formed by the city's skateboarding enthusiasts, now has about 150 members.

group shot of boys walking away holding skateboards

Michael Baheru

Green skateboard with

young boy runs with skateboard in his hand

Young skateboarder peeps over a fence to see if he can gain access to a good spot

three boys skateboard away with a security guard in pursuit

Ethiopian boy pours concrete to make a ramp while four others look on

But now, thanks to a global crowdfunding campaign, more than $35,000 (£24,600) has been raised to help build Ethiopia's first purpose-built skatepark.

young children look on from outside the skatepark fence at the construction going on

Non-governmental organisation Make Life Skate, which has built similar parks in India, Bolivia, Jordan, and Myanmar, is contributing expertise as well as funding the project.







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