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This Man’s Secret Could Have Made You Millions

Who is the world’s greatest stock picker? Ask most people, and they’d answer Warren Buffett without hesitation.

But hold your horses…

Because the title of World’s Greatest Stock Picker may actually belong to a regular, every-day business analyst from Pittsburgh that virtually nobody has heard of before.

His name is Bill Patalon. 

The world’s greatest stock picker, seen here shaking hands with President Nixon, has given a small group of followers a chance to make a ridiculous amount of money in the stock market. Click here to see his unique method for finding a steady stream of winning stocks.

And for the last five years he’s been racking up an astonishing number of winners with huge gains for a small group of lucky followers, who have been getting his stock recommendations by email.

In fact, since keeping track, Patalon has seen 217 picks reach  double and triple digit gains – an average of 4 double or triples every month for 60 straight months.

Most of these came on small unknown stocks trading for under $10. Like one of his first picks, a tiny biotech firm named Galapagos, which soared for a peak gain of 402% after Patalon recommended it.

Some of his other picks included peak gains of 818% on another small biotech named Pharmacyclics, 351% on little known Micron Technologies, and 253% on Crosstex Energy.

All told, his winners have seen total peak gains of 17,781% in the last five years.

How does he do it exactly?

According to Patalon his record is 100% genuine and documented. He says he and his followers have had the chance to make a fortune.

And while, he says there’s always some luck (and great timing) involved with picking stocks, most of his success he credits to a rare market pattern he discovered several years ago.

Editor’s Note: Click here to see the secret method an everyday business analyst from Pittsburgh used to pinpoint an unheard of investment track record with 217 double and triple-digit peak gainsin the last 5 years.

The Anatomy of A Winning Stock Picking Method

Patalon’s success didn’t actually come out of nowhere.

He spent decades as a Wall Street business analyst and investigative reporter for such publications as Reuters, Kiplingers and The Baltimore Sun, where he was nominated for 2 Pulitzer Prizes.  

But it was working on his investing book Contrarian Investing that he came up with an epiphany.

“It didn’t come over night but after many trials, I finally hit on a unique pattern that helped me find tiny companies with small market caps that were poised to go up,” Patalon said.

“My method is actually really easy to understand and replicate once you know the basics,” he added.

In fact, after 5 years of keeping his method completely proprietary, Patalon has decided to reveal it to the general public.  He created this presentation to  explain exactly how his remarkable method works.

“I am really tired of Wall Street pushing scary and risky trading techniques on average folks. Things like swaps, spreads, derivatives and other esoteric transactions,” Patalon said.

“I want regular people to know they can make really huge money just trading ordinary, straight-up stocks.  There’s always risk involved in any investing, but my method can give them a chance to score some pretty big winners.”

Has Patalon shared his method with Warren Buffett?  

“Not yet but if asks, I’d be honored,” Patalon said.

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